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ML264 (ML-264, CID-51003603)
Product name : ML264 (ML-264, CID-51003603)
Product No. : cs-2175
Price : 100mg, $475, 500mg/$1275
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 ML-264 (CAS: 1550008-55-3) is a potent Krüppel-like factor 5 (KLF5) inhibitor. Robust activity was also seen in several other KLF5-expressing cell types as well (e.g., HCT116, IC50 = 560 nM; HT29, IC50 = 130 nM; SW620, IC50 = 430 nM). ML264 is a good candidate for in vivo anticancer studies, with great potential for use in long time-course in situ studies aimed to elucidate the role of KLF5 as a regulator of cellular proliferation and tumor formation in the intestinal epithelium.

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